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Mission Enablers Publishing (MEP) was established in 2000 to publish books for those who have a story or a passion that needs to be communicated via the printed page. A testimony of God’s faithfulness, a story of inspiration, a training manual for Christian growth, or a fictional manuscript that captures a reader's imagination; that's the mandate of MEP. We work to deliver an author's message by putting it directly into the hands of his or her audience.

Throughout our years as Christians working in the secular and sacred worlds, we have seen the need for new authors to have an inexpensive way to get their heart and passion in print. MEP was established to do exactly that.

This is done through Print on Demand (POD), the 21st century’s avenue to putting quality manuscripts into the hands of an author's audience.

The MEP team

MEP has a incredible team of well-trained and seasoned editors, graphic artists, ghost writers, proof readers, translators and text layout specialists ready to assist a new author to get his or her work into print quickly. The MEP teams takes the author's desires and brings them from concept to quality-printed manuscripts ready to be marketed, whether online, in bookstores, or on a one-on-one basis at conferences and seminars.

How we serve the new author

If you know of a new inspiring author, fictional writer, or educator that needs his or her story written, have them contact MEP to receive a “getting started” questionnaire. MEP will continue in an e-mail dialog to move the book project forward from concept to publication.

The MEP team


.............Andy Huddleston, Founder and President

Andy travels extensively across the US, Mexico, Central America and internationally speaking on Christian principles of Biblical discipleship to inspire young and old to greater service in helping the poor and needy. He authored and published his first book, White Knuckle Faith, in 2004. He can be reached at (808)-896-2515 or andyhuddleston@gmail.com.


..............Jane Ray, Graphic Designer & Cover Specialist

Jane is a published illustrator and busy graphic designer. She began her mission career by following her older brother into ministry in 1984 spending her first summer tramping around war-torn Central America. Since then she has specialized in communicating stories and opportunities from around the world. Jane and her husband John were married in 1990 and have four daughters: Hope, Hannah, Naomi and Olivia. A little known fact about Jane is that she especially loves designing for books.


..............Stephen Caldwell, Editor and Ghost Writer

Stephen Caldwell, a former newspaper and magazine journalist, is the founder, the chief operating steward and chief word architect for WordBuilders Communications provides editorial and related communications services to a broad range of clients. WordBuilders handles everything from copy editing text to ghostwriting books, and also has the resources to provide creative design services. Stephen can be reached at stephen@wordbuilders.biz.

.............James Gilzow, Senior Editor and Text Designer

James is a 30-year veteran journalist whose credits include 24 years with the Arkansas Gazette and later the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, where he currently serves as senior news editor of the Northwest Arkansas edition. James also has spent time as news editor of The Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs, Ark., and as outdoors editor of the Pensacola News Journal. He performs freelance copy editing and page-design projects during his spare time at home. He is married to wife Donna and has two grown children, Jennifer Linn and James Thomas.

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Mission Enablers Publishing uses the best Print on Demand provider in the US. The printing process is affordable, simple, and straight forward with a quick turnaround and delivery.

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